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Help, How Do I Plan Routine Cleaning?

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a daunting, dreaded task. You can find fun and enjoyment while sweeping away! It takes time and investment to manage a household, and most times the mind already has running to-do lists, cleaning can be the last on the list. However, routine cleaning is a true lifesaver. If you find yourself in disorder and chaos, consider starting a household cleaning schedule.

What is a cleaning schedule?

According to,

“A cleaning schedule is simply a plan that defines when tasks related to cleaning your home will be done. It is an important tool for ensuring that your home is clean and organized, and it can help you save time and money.”

Why do I need one?

A cleaning schedule brings order and peace to your home.

How do I create one?

Every schedule is unique to your household. Factor in the number of people who live there, the size, and the amount of time that can be invested into cleaning.

  1. Make a list of the cleaning tasks.

  2. Categorize the task into daily, weekly, and monthly activities.

  3. Put a date/time for each task.

  4. Assign task(s) to the household.

  5. Repeat, and adjust as needed.

Another great hack is to find out what platform keeps the family going. For example, there are tons of cleaning apps that household members can download. You can also purchase a chore-chart, or use printables to organize tasks. If you have kiddos, include incentives.

Happy Cleaning!

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