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Restful and Restored: Why Cleaning Your Home Matters

When was the last time you walked into your bedroom and it truly felt like a sanctuary? Enjoying a peaceful, tidy home is a life-changer. Life happens. Time passes quickly. One minute it’s January, and the next minute, we are planning a New Year celebration. One minute the house is clean, and the next minute, toys are scattered and the sink is full again.

With the current demands of life, it is even more important to prioritize home cleaning. Did you know that the lack of cleaning affects your mental health? Studies have shown that stress and anxiety increase in environments that are cluttered and unorganized. Cortisol levels, depression, confusion, and tension are more likely to increase when your home is messy. It’s not just a matter of physical health, but also mental, and your mental health matters.

Below are five ways to clear the mess and maintain a clean space.

  1. Draft a weekly, bi-weekly, etc. cleaning schedule that works for you. Review your weekly schedule and identify days/times when you can clean.

  2. Make your bed each morning and wash the dishes each night. There is nothing better than a crisp, clean bed to come home to at night and a clean, fresh kitchen in the morning. Start here.

  3. Create a checklist of things that need cleaning.

  4. Tidy up as you go along. Get in the habit of washing your dishes, wiping down the table and cleaning spill immediately. It will lessen the load.

  5. Invest in the right cleaning tools. Do the research and educate yourself on the best cleaning products that are needed for your home.

We hope these tips were helpful and will recreate your home into a peaceful sanctuary.

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