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Customer Reviews About Our Service

Tay Hunter

“I had the privilege and honor to have Lindsey Clean clean and organize my bedroom. When I came home from the hospital the next day I cried when I walked into my room. Not only did they clean and organize, but their employee took the time to label each bin I had on my shelf. I never would have thought to arrange my room and closet the way Lindsey Clean did. They were EXTREMELY thorough and I, genuinely, feel they went the extra mile to ensure my room was a place of rest, recovery, and relaxation after surgery. I hate I didn't take before and after pictures because truly they did a PHENOMENAL job!! They did such a phenomenal job I booked them for a deep clean of my kitchen. Again, they did an excellent job. It took 2 days but the communication was great and they kept me in the loop regarding what all was left to do an how much additional time they would need. I highly HIGHLY recommend Lindsey Clean to anyone who is in need of cleaning service. I would love to give them 10 stars. I look forward to future cleaning services rendered.”


Racquel Stroud

“I am a long standing client from Lindsey Clean's conception, almost 1 years. I get a basic clean once a week with laundry service. Lindsey use to clean my house; AMAZING. Now, TuChina cleans my home; equally AMAZING. I have had, basic cleans, home and closet organization, mattress cleaning, deep cleaning, snow removal, car cleaning and detailed, floor polishing, and any other services that they offer that I can use. I trust this company. They always serve with a smile. So, I hired them for my mom's house and they clean her house once a week. It seems no matter who comes to clean I am assured the same level of quality. Quality Service you can trust. Thank you for always making my home smell and look wonderful.”

Khandice Stewart Marshall

Lindsey Cleaning Service came to my home last week for a scheduled basic clean…it was FAR from basic. I was very impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail. My house is clean, light, and airy. I was very happy with the service and would recommend them to anyone looking to have a service clean their home. I will definitely be booking again soon!”

Dorie Scully

“My experience using Lindsey Clean was just super. My house needed a deep clean and The

team was efficient and worked very hard getting my house looking fresh and sparkling clean. I

was satisfied and would certainly use again.”

Edis Cardona

“Lindsey Clean did a deep clean for a move in and they sanitized and thoroughly cleaned

everything in sight!! Our new home looked brand spanking new!! I would recommend Lindsey

Clean over and over!! Thank you for providing me and my family with a clean and worry free

move in!”

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