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10 Ways to Maximize a Small Laundry Space

Who said that laundry rooms have to be boring? Easily transform smaller spaces into functioning works of art. The first step is to assess your personal space. How much room are you working with? What is your budget? How can you work with what you have to make the space as effective as possible?

Here are ten easy tips to get you started:

  1. Place washer/dryer side by side or mount them vertically

  2. Insert plywood over the washer/dryer to use as a folding station

  3. Convert a 6-foot wide closet with sliding barn doors into a laundry space

  4. Add shelves

  5. Use dispenser bottles and glass jars to store dryer sheets, detergent, dryer balls, etc.

  6. Use pull-out shelves for storage items

  7. Install cabinetry (this may be the biggest investment, but it’s worth it)

  8. Add a hanging rod above the counter to add functionality to your space

  9. Add open shelving for a clean look.

  10. Choose an L-shaped design if your room is narrow or has an awkward layout.

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