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5 Ways to Go Green

This article is not just because we love green but because we believe in protecting the environment. God has blessed us with a beautiful planet to live on, and we're expected to be great stewards. Here are five ways to go green.

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Going green means caring for the environment by making a deliberate effort to be part of the change. It is about limiting your footprint on the environment and also encouraging others to follow your example. However, note that going green is not limited to recycling, but living a sustainable lifestyle. Going green is about making small adjustments in your daily life to achieve this goal.

Below are tips to promote healthy living.

  1. Recycle - Recycling is defined as "the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products." What can you recycle in your home?

  2. Unplug - devices can still utilize electricity when plugged in. Unplugging devices such as phone chargers, irons, printers, computers, etc. can help lower your electricity bill.

  3. Save your water - turn off water while brushing your teeth and eliminate shower water running while not in use.

  4. Go Paperless - what do you do with excess paper? Mailing subscriptions, bills, and promotional items can pile up fast. Consider going paperless and unsubscribing from unwanted mail.

  5. Don’t Waste Food - Food waste is an issue in America. The average American wastes 1 pound of food each day. Learning how to use leftovers and preserve food is key to reducing food waste.

Stay safe and remember to go green!

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