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8 Ways to Have a Mold- Free Home This Summer

Summertime calls for humidity, pools, and summer parks. Wet bathing suits, mats, and the lack

of ventilation and airflow could lead to mold.

High moisture areas are a breeding ground for mold to develop. How do you prevent mold build-up in hot, sticky weather? Here are 8 ways to have a mold-free home:

  1. Keep a consistent airflow by using an exhaust fan when cooking

  2. For the bathroom, crack the door open when in the shower

  3. Quickly dry damp towels and bath mats in the sun

  4. Use a dehumidifier

  5. Repair any leaks quickly

  6. Clean liquids and water from surfaces quickly

  7. Use mold-killing products around the home

  8. Keep furniture away from walls

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