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Closet Reset I How to Prepare your Children's Closet for the School Year

Clothes: Sort the clothes by size and season. Are there clothes that can be donated or stored? Are there clothes that can be worn in the winter? Purchase and label bins for seasonal items.

Shoes: Decide which shoes are in good condition. What can be stored, and what can be tossed?

Toys: Categorize toys with like items and teach children how to put them back in the proper place. Utilize a bookshelf and under the bed as storage areas. Toy hammocks can also hang stuffed animals.

Arts & Crafts - throw away old arts and crafts items that are broken, dried out, or no longer usable. Organize the remaining items in clear storage bins with labels.

In just a few steps, you are on the way to a clutter-free and organized space.

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