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How to Create a Luxurious Guest Stay

It’s holiday season. Do you know what that means? Parents, in-laws, siblings and parents can make their debut at your home. Increased foot traffic can also bring pesky viruses and bacteria into your home. Keeping your guest bedroom clean and tidy is the first step to avoid spreading germs.

Bedroom cleaning doesn’t begin once the guest(s) arrive, but way before. The bedroom should be considered during regular home cleaning. Dust particles can accumulate over time and who wants to sleep in that?

Cover the bed

A quick and easy way to keep dust off the beds is to clean the linen and cover the bed with a plastic wrap. When it’s time for guest to arrive, simply uncover the bed.

Provide Essentials

Personalize their experience by asking what soaps, lotions and toiletry items they would need upon arrival. Examples include soap, lotion, wipes, pocket tissue, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair items, paper towels, etc.

Use quality, plush towels

Think soft, warm and cozy. After a long day, your guests may end the night with a warm shower or bath. Providing quality towels that feel good on the skin is an added touch.

Creating an inviting, warm and clean environment where guests can relax and enjoy is the goal. In addition to a clean room, stocking the room with essentials and welcoming them with a gift basket and card is a nice gesture. There are many ways to ensure a luxury, warm stay for your guests without breaking the bank.

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